Our Pastors

Rev'd/Prophet J.B.A.Akeju

Rev’d/Prophet J.B.A.Akeju


Evangelist (Mrs) C.O. Akeju.


Rev’d/Prophet J.B.A. Akeju

He was called by God in the year 2005 after serving in His vineyard for 18 years. He had a direct call to “take my people out of this land to that land”,  the calling was backed up by the word of God in the book of Genesis 50:24. This calling has been fruitful and relevant till date. The vision has been affecting anyone God sent him to positively by the power of the Holy Spirit in him.

He was called into Pastoral, Teaching and Prophetic ministry. He has been able with this calling and vision to affect people’s life positively especially people from different works of life and people from various countries without ethnic or religious bias. Have a taste of Christ in him in your community and let us depopulate the kingdom of Satan together. God bless you.

Evangelist (Mrs) C.O. Akeju

She has been ministering in songs of praise and worship unto God since 1993 even before she was ordained as a Deaconess in His vineyard. She has been a Sunday school teacher and a Choir leader right from the day the husband received his calling In the year 2005. She actively participated and support the work of the ministry  in soul wining till now to the glory of God. She is a Word sharer, whom God has given the ability to divide the word of God accordingly. She is also known for prayers that move mountains. Ordained an Evangelist unto God in the year 2011.

Evangelist (Mrs) Akeju is inviting you for prayers. Prayer is the key, you need to pray so that you will not become a prey. For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37.


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