Our Belief

                                           THESE ARE OUR STRONG BELIEVES
ABOUT GOD: Psalm 33:6-9, we believe that there is only one God, the creator of both visible and invisible creatures. Only God will be in existence forever, Duet 6:4, Rev.1:8. In God every creatures receives life John 5:26,Gen 2:7. We believe that God is to be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. We must approach God through Christ Jesus. No other way.
ABOUT JESUS CHRIST:we believe that Jesus is the son of God; who took away our sins and the Saviour of the world. We also believe that Jesus is God and was born by the virgin Mary. He is God revealed in flesh, and through Him all things were created both seen and unseen. John 1:1-14. John 14:9, Isaiah 9:6. We believe in His death on the cross, His resurrection by which He brought redemption. John 10:11, Gal 3:13 and Peter 2:24.
ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT: we know and we believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person in trinity. He has the same power and glory with God the father and the Son. John 14:16-17,Matt 3:16. This Holy Spirit endows believers with various gifts they can use. 1st Corinth 12:7-11. He also empowers one in the Lord. Acts 1:8.
ABOUT TRINITY:The Trinity is made up of God the father , the Son and the Holy Spirit. For example, a girl is a lady, and also a mother. your voice is embedded in your body so also your spirit. So they are one God but made of three persons in His attributes .This attributes of God is the wholeness of God. Gen 1:26-29.Matt 3:1-16.
THE BIBLE:The Bible is the word of God, Revealed through inspiration to men of God, they wrote according to the Spirit of God in them. Not verbal dictation.
ABOUT THE DEVIL: We believe that the devil is the enemy of God, Gods Word and Man.The devil seeks the downfall of man, and the work of God. He brought sickness, sin and death into the world .The Devil has several unclean spirits over whom he governs Matt 12-24. We must not bow to him in any form.
ABOUT MAN: Man was created in the image of God, to rule over all things He created Gen 1:26. Man is made of three parts the body, the spirit and the soul Gen 2:7. God made man His ambassador on earth to care for it, and worship Him. He has every report of man which shall be opened in the day of judgement.
REPENTANCE:This is unto God. is the sorrow of a godly man for his sins with decision to abstain from them because he is not God-Acts 3:19,20:21, Ezekiel 18:21. Also unto man if you commit sin to him James 5:15.
JUSTIFICATION & REBIRTH:This is Gods grace whereby we were made righteous, cleansed from our sins by which we can now stand before God as though we have never sinned. Acts 13:39, ROM 3:23-26, Galatians 3:24, John 1:12-13 then 3:3-5.
SANCTIFICATION (HOLINESS):This is another work of grace of God by which our souls are cleansed through our faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ after regeneration. Heb 2:11 12:14.
WATER BAPTISM:we believe in baptism by total immersion in the name of the Father,of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matt 28:19. All saved souls automatically qalify for water baptism. Acts 8:29-39. Water baptism stands for two thigns; Firstly, an outward sign and an example of true repentance of a sinner from his or her sin.Acts2:38. Secondly, anybody who is baptised is joined with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Romans 6:1-end.
BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: All born again souls must be asking for the Holy Spirit and the Infilling. Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-5. A believer who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit must speak in tongue Acts 2:4,10:44-46 and 19:2-6. He must operates in the nine fruit and in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit freely.
ABOUT PRAYER: We know and we believe that prayer is the key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer. We must pray only by and in the name of Jesus- No other name John 16:27. Those who cannot pray annoys God Isaiah 43:22. Our prayers should be without season, not five times a day- Colossian 4:2.
AVOID WORLDLINESS: We are to avoid, desist, and resit the devil. Even all appearance of evil 1st Thess 5:22. 2nd Timo 2:21-22. We are also to avoid Swearing, Cursing, and rebellion against Church Authority.
ANOINTING/LAYING OF HANDS: We believe in laying of hands and anointing the sick on the head, body in the name of Jesus. James 5:14-16,Mark 16:17-18. We do not believe in receiving or charging money for prayers or healing. Healing is free and is God’s work.
 HOLY MATRIMONY: Bible says Marriage is honourable in all. Hebrew 13:4 and we believe in this. Any member who wish to marry should do so in the Church to the glory of God. Secret marriage is forbidden, people of God must witness and join people together with prayers. It is a sacred thing.
SACRAMENT: We believe in the Lord’s supper (Holy Communion) as commanded by Jesus Christ in Matt 26:26-29. Christening of new born baby, Ordination of Priests, and burial of the Saints,or the dead in Christ.
PROPHECY: We believe in all Biblical prophecy, likewise we believe we can be given the gift of Prophecy by inspiration from God. Despise not prophesying. 1st Thess 5:20. Any prophecy that is against the Bible is rejected.
RESURRECTION: Jesus taught us about resurrection of the body. John 5:25-27. Holy people who belongs to Jesus will resurrects with Him.The sinners shall resurrect as people whose names are not found in the Lamb’s Book. Revelation 20:4-5,12-15.
We also believe in the LAST THINGS- The second coming of Christ, the tribulation period, the millennium reign, Satan in prison, the coming judgements viz; the judgement of the Believers, the judgement of Nations, the judgement of unbelievers-(the white throne judgement). we also believe in the new Heaven and New Earth, eternal life and eternal punishment.

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